Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hello World!

My first post as Trading Jackal!

A bit about me - engineer by training and trade. Ventured into trading post 2007 collapse. I was  upset. My savings so far had been in 401K and when it dwindled to a third of what it was, the engineer in me wanted to solve the problem.
So, after 4 years of trading and losing my shirt twice, here I am - wiser and respectful of the powers of the market. My trading has evolved into following the Price Action (PA) with a bit of TA sprinkled in. My favored indicators are SMA 5 and Bollinger (2,14) bands. I am a very short term trader, trading ES futures for a few seconds to less than a hour. I am not an investor.

I don't have a plan or intention around this blog. We will see how it goes!

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